Apr 152011

The Lost Dáil Tapes, Away Up North, Subsidiaries & Markets…

The latest on the story of the statisticians and the interrogators.
(if the story doesn’t load below.. please come back in a while… in the meantime, you can see the Lost Dáil Tapes on Youtube..
20110331 [Dáil] Adjournment Debate – Census of Population
and 20110406 [Dáil] Questions to An Taoiseach – Census


  6 Responses to “You Fill Up My Census”

  1. It’s all for profit. Hit the profits and CACI will disappear. I think we can take example from the “Stop Beck” campaign and others who recognise the only way to fight the profiteers is with their own profits.

    Deface the barcodes, leave bits of sticky tape or blue-tac in the census, give it to your kids for an hour to play with, used joined up writing in the form. Anything that disturbs CACI’s electronic reading of the census form makes it less profitable for them. It would only take a few thousand forms to be read by humans to severely affect CACI’s profits and dissuade them from the next tender.

    Of course this does nothing to address the security issues of giving the entire census data of Ireland to an American security company that could potentially be forced to hand over that info under the Patriot Act or some other piece of “Homeland” nonsense. This is the part the Irish population need to sit up and take note of.

    • Thanks Gudenfast. I wonder though about this method as I’m sure it would be CSO staff that would have to do the manual labour of inputting soiled censuses. But they have a big enough budget… €60 million every five years.. maybe soling them might create some new jobs here!!

      The big issue is of course who the contractor is. It raises many question about the tendering process for government work here.

      I just realised something… the end of the post is missing above.. something Storify doesn’t save properly.. will put it in next story.. but so you know… check out company register for CACI in UK and here in Ireland….

  2. just ‘by chance’ i too felt the strong urge to visit the wee north and more..i had a window of opportunity and took it. i too greatly enjoyed the beaches and sea..and no internet.

    back thursday evening to hand my blank form back to the enumerator..and she informed me she had run out of ‘absent’ e-forms. oh now i wonder why that would be that she had a run out of e-forms.

    she was back today with one..but she was cheeky when she asked was not the census on the same night in NI as here. i said no, it was in march.

    maybe in 5 years time uk and ireland will have census on same night? fooey.

    • thank you banshee. glad you enjoyed your trip up north. 🙂

      so did you fill out the absent form? enumerator called here last night.. i didn’t take form.. was talking to my mam on the phone, far more important. arranged another time for a call back. he did say it was a legal obligation to fill out an absent form… will have to find out more about this.

      i though an “e-form” was something you filled out online?!

      i will happily provide some holiday photos to them.. maybe i will make up a postcard and send it to the CSO!

  3. This is very important work.

    Thank you.

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