May 222011

Today is Sunday 22nd May 2011 and Spain goes to the polling booth for the local elections. Since last Sunday (15/5) following large protests in Spain, many decided to stay on the streets. The support grew and by Friday evening there was over 25 thousand people gathered in Puerta del Sol, Madrid and more than 10 thousand at Plaça de Catalunya, Barcelona. All across Spain people came out in strength and ignored the ban of political demonstrations on the eve of an election.  The government decided not to enforce the ban as the protests are peaceful and very well organised.

Around the world demonstrations have taken place in solidarity with the protesters in Spain. The problems faced in Spain are the same as much of the western world under the thumb of recession and austerity measures. However, their unemployment rates, especially among the young are very high. They are disillusioned with their government and it’s main opposition. It is a familiar situation. There is little choice for people in the dominant political parties to really act on behalf of the people. The people must take politics into their own hands so real change and reform can happen. The protests movements in Spain, unlike here in Ireland, are not stagnant and divided. There is a sense of unity and a solidarity in Spain which should serve as an example to the western world.  Here are a people who have the stamina to act now for a better future.

Below are some videos with international media perspective followed by videos from activists themselves…



euronews 20110522 | Spanish vote expected to hit government

euronews 20110521 | Spain takes to the street against austerity

france24 20110521 | Israel-Palestine-Libya-Syria-Spain-Ireland

rté news 20110521 | Thousands take part in demonstrations in Spain on eve of local elections


#spanishrevolution solidarity protest in Dublin Saturday afternoon 20110521

Spanish Revolution in Dublin, Ireland !! 2011

Ya Basta! Solidarity with #spanishrevolution in Dublin 21st May 2011


<<rewind to Sunday 15th May…. Plaça de Catalunya Barcelona

Democracia real YA. Manifestación Barcelona 15 Mayo 2011




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