May 092011

THE PHOENIX   |   Vol. 29. No 9    |   May 6th – May 19th 2011 |  Page  7


In the last post on the census contractors, I mentioned there was some recent media reporting here in Ireland about CACI. I was referring to the latest issue of The Phoenix Magazine, which has a good piece on this story. Needless to say, I am grateful that this news has been picked up and happier still that it was by a publication with a good reputation for investigation. The journalist who wrote the piece was kind enough to pass me on the text of the story which is pasted in below for posterity. Some bits didn’t make the cut but the full piece is included here, as well as a pdf of the article as it appeared in print. (you can also read it by clicking on the image of it to the right). This edition is in your local newsagent for a bit over another week and I recommend you grab a copy. As always it’s a worthwhile read and this issue’s highlights include; a piece on Bob Geldof’s non-response to the IPSC about whether he should accept an award of an honorary doctorate from an Israeli university or stand up for human rights, an article about SDU spies from the USA round the back of the US Ambassador’s residence in the Phoenix Park (included on the pdf below), a primer for the Presidential Elections later this year, the usual round up of cute hoors winning or losing money in the courts, other business of movers and shakers, the state of the arts as well as, the always on the button, Craic & Codology. Grab your copy today.


On to the article…



After a brief flurry of interest when Sinn Fein and ULA TDs raised questions on the subject, the Irish media were cheerleaders for the census and consigned objectors to the realm of conspiracist paranoia. But as the old saying goes: just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean there isn’t a multinational military contractor involved in processing your census form.

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Apr 072011

Welcome to the latest story on CACI & the Irish Census. I am finding it somewhat difficult to stay on top of this as my only source of keeping up with what is being said in the Dáil is the Oireachtas website….

read on for the latest storified report..

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Mar 292011

Since the last collection of stories there is still a general lack of awareness from the general public about this issue. This is largely due to the silence of politicians and journalists. As a storyteller, I again compile some information for you here..

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