May 202011


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watch live streams from Spain of the people’s uprising…


updates from @alex_riveiro


00:00 CET (20110521)

“Ban enforcement in Spain starts right now: Demonstrations still going strong. Madrid: 20k+ people in Puerta del Sol.”

23:00 CET

“1 Hr left for the start of Pre-election day and ban enforcement. Thousands gather in over 90+ places in Spain.”

22:00 CET

“Right now, there’s well over 15k people in Madrid’s demonstration. 9k in Barcelona’s. Ban enforcement set to start in 2 hours.”


Live TV by Ustream

more info here..



this is spreading..


list of camps across Spain





afternoon report from euronews… (20110520)

Ban headache for Spanish politicians


yesterday’s report from euronews… (20110519)

Spanish youth protests go international

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