May 022011
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Osama Bin Laden is no more. The big news today is all over the place and so I’ve brought some of it together here for you. This is a collection of a variety of points of view on the killing of Osama.

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Apr 262011
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There’s some noise in the media again about the death drones, as Pakistan are not all that happy about those drones from the USA. They want a go themselves at this war game. Meanwhile the data flows beneath our feet.

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Apr 072011
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Welcome to the latest story on CACI & the Irish Census. I am finding it somewhat difficult to stay on top of this as my only source of keeping up with what is being said in the Dáil is the Oireachtas website….

read on for the latest storified report..

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Mar 212011

the first curated story on multistory….

Some sparse news on the questionable choice of census contractors for the Irish, the Scottish, and the UK Census… Something to think about… Also, protest(?), Bradley Manning, Bono & Revolution

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