May 292011

<<-- photo by Vincenzo Rigogliuso shows peaceful Barca fans joining protest

Shocking scenes in Barcelona on Friday, but peace broke out again soon after…

I’ve been following the happenings in Spain as much as I can from afar and I’ve been meaning to post some thoughts following Friday’s intervention of police brutality. However my brain is not functioning well today, (at least not in the transferring of thoughts to keyboard), so here is a curated story with minimal comment from myself and lots of in depth analysis from elsewhere.

First a picture that tells a thousand stories… The police don’t discriminate with batons. (More on this below)


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Apr 152011

The Lost Dáil Tapes, Away Up North, Subsidiaries & Markets…

The latest on the story of the statisticians and the interrogators.
(if the story doesn’t load below.. please come back in a while… in the meantime, you can see the Lost Dáil Tapes on Youtube..
20110331 [Dáil] Adjournment Debate – Census of Population
and 20110406 [Dáil] Questions to An Taoiseach – Census


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Apr 092011

Twas the night before the census, when all through the country,
There was hardly an air of aware, about the war contractor.
The land of Ireland had enough on it’s mind to be worrying,
About the unknown knowns.

This is the last story before census day tomorrow. Thank you to everyone for sharing the information here. Please keep it up for this one. By the way, the storified stories here enable you to embed the full stories onto other blogs. Bloggers, I encourage you do to so to help spread the news.

I will be back next week with a summary of the last five weeks.

Here we go again…
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Apr 072011

Welcome to the latest story on CACI & the Irish Census. I am finding it somewhat difficult to stay on top of this as my only source of keeping up with what is being said in the Dáil is the Oireachtas website….

read on for the latest storified report..

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