Apr 052011

Development of the Corrib Gas field has been mired in controversy since it started. However, this morning an audio recording put up on Indymedia.ie (of Gardai joking about raping a female activist for not giving them her name) throws new light on how the project is policed. For many activists, this is simply a continuation of what they have come to expect, but for the general public who is so far removed from it, it will certainly cause concern.
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Apr 042011
Book Of Kells Trademark

Here is a short story which is part of a bigger story, I am currently in the process of developing as a documentary film…
This looks at the history of copyright and goes right back to the Hill of Tara where the High King rules against St. Colmcille

“To every cow its calf and to every book its copy.”

Colmcille’s later work, The Book of Kells, now has a copyright question hanging over it….

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Apr 042011

This is the third census that CACI have been involved in here in Ireland. The first in 2002 after the 2001 census was postponed due to foot and mouth disease, when we were busy counting (dead) sheep. The second census CACI worked on was in 2006. Also in this story… former Fianna Fáil Chief Whip has website hacked…

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Mar 292011
anatomy of terror

Since the last collection of stories there is still a general lack of awareness from the general public about this issue. This is largely due to the silence of politicians and journalists. As a storyteller, I again compile some information for you here..

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Mar 212011

the first curated story on multistory….

Some sparse news on the questionable choice of census contractors for the Irish, the Scottish, and the UK Census… Something to think about… Also, protest(?), Bradley Manning, Bono & Revolution

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