Apr 082011

Earlier today I interviewed Gerard Bradley of the CSO. He was very helpful in answering my questions and I want to thank him again for doing this. The duration is 13 minutes altogether and includes his call back to me at the end where he clarifies some things.

MP3 is here…


Apr 072011

Welcome to the latest story on CACI & the Irish Census. I am finding it somewhat difficult to stay on top of this as my only source of keeping up with what is being said in the Dáil is the Oireachtas website….

read on for the latest storified report..

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Apr 052011

The census requires us to truthfully answer personal questions about our lives. As you will hopefully know by now, the CSO have being employing a company called CACI to work on our censuses since 2002. CACI have a sullied name due to their involvement in interrogation in Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq and have been accused of torture in 260 cases brought against them so far. They now claim immunity from questioning on these matters, granted to them by the US government, as they are considered part of the military chain of command.

What answers have the CSO got for the questions about this from members of the public?
We took a trip to their secure census premises in Swords, Co. Dublin to find out…

[EDIT 20110406 0724]
I made this a bit shorter but the original is still available here on Youtube for the moment.

Apr 052011

2011040411 [onradio]

I interviewed Pádraig MacLochlainn of Sinn Féin yesterday evening, after he kindly called me back following my enquiry into CACI & the CSO Census contracts.
This is the full 20 minute interview which he gave to to me in our telephone conversation. I would like to again thank Pádraig for agreeing to do this at such short notice.

Listen here.. (audio player is not working currently.. click on link to open mp3 directly or alt click to download)

Interview with Pádraig MacLochlainn re CSO / CACI

If I get a chance I will make an edited version of this…

Apr 052011

UPDATED 20110407

Hi Greg here with my first post on Multistory. What follows is my communication with the CSO on the issue of the CACI contract…

11/03/2011 18:26

Ref 21013 CACI Ltd Irish Census
Contractor Links With Alleged Abuse in Abu Ghraib

Dear Sirs

I am conducting an initial enquiry into CACI Ltd who are conducting
the data capture and analysis on your behalf for the up and coming
census. Could you please comment on the following:

Has there been due diligence conducted into the background of this
company and its US affiliates?

Are you aware that CACI Inc, a US subsidiary of CACI Ltd has been
involved in a number of court cases in the USA relating to
made against the company and members of its staff of abuse of
prisoners in Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq?

Are you aware that in September 2009 CACI Inc sought immunity from
prosecution in the US Court of Appeals and won on the basis that it
operated under the US military chain of command was this afforded
government contractor immunity?

Do you not feel, that under the current provisions of the Patriot Act
in the United States, that allowing a company whose subsidiary is
protected in law as part of the US military chain of command, access
to the personal data of every Irish person could pose threat to the
human rights of Irish citizens and a breach of trust with the Irish

I look forward to your reply.

Yours sincerely

Greg Manahan
Production Director

iDirect Productions


On 14 Mar 2011, at 15:06, copfieldmanagement@cso.ie wrote:

Dear Mr Manahan

The census is a major undertaking for the CSO and contractors have been
employed to assist Continue reading »

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